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A British drama film follows the story of a 7 year old girl who wants to see her mum on Mother ‘s day.
This film is about a mother’s love who couldn’t let death who is there inform of a cat to Take her son.

The storey of a young painter who has lost her 
eyesight recently but it couldn’t stop her from pursuing her dream. 
A director against all odds casts in 
his stage play a talented homeless man

Maggie a seven-year-old girl has suffered from a disability since she couldn’t walk her 
birth. A miracle has changed her life and she is taking her first step
Jack, a aware guilty man, takes high 
drugs to forget his traumatic past .. Things are going wrong instead, he’s lost touch 
with his present and thinks time is going backwards.

Orange lady films:

ORANGE LADY FILM PRODUCTION HOUSE was founded by Max Khan. One of his goals is to unite filmmakers with other film production companies to help create powerful motion pictures and bring them to as wide as audiences as possible.

We are independent film makers based in Essex London. Our aim is to produce high quality and unique films with both established and emerging talent. We hope to create a production house for fresh, original and commercial ideas and contribute to the already outstanding British Film Industry.

Any kind of collaboration is welcomed by us either for short or feature film. We believe as a team we have more chances to get  success.

A few things we’re great at

Creating opportunities for aspiring filmmakers and improving their skills and talents.

Helping out with all the problems they face in pre production & post production.

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